About Anaheim

Anaheim City School District has 23 schools and over 23,000 students in grades K-6 in attendance.  It is one of the largest districts in Orange County, and is a 4-track , year-round school system.  You can check out their website and find the boundaries of each school as well as the calendar of events and job opportunities.  The Anaheim Union High School District was founded in 1898 and holds many prestigious awards.  It has the second highest API scores in the State of California.  The district's rate of graduation is a proud 95%.  You can view the schools district's Report Card of Accountability at their website.

Anaheim is also home to the Anaheim Ducks, the Stanley Cup Champions of 2007 hockey team and the Anaheim Angels baseball franchise.

HISTORY Anaheim's first settlers were German farmers who knew how to make wine.  The land, about 200 acres, was perfect for growing grapes.  In 1857, it was open fields and healthy top soil ready for farming.  The Germans named the small town Anaheim --'ANA', after the Santa Ana River they were close to, and 'HEIM', a word in German for home.  So... they were Home by the River.  The grape-growing and wine-making were a huge success in the area for only about 13 years.  After that time, there was a nasty disease that completely wiped out the vineyards.  The Germans, being a stout and strong people, took up what others were doing in towns like Fullerton and Placentia, and grew oranges!  The hills surrounding their crops protected them from the cold winds, and they soon branched out to growing walnuts and chili peppers.  The rustic town slowly grew.  In 1876, the town incorporated into the county with a population of a little more than 800 people.  It would be ten more years before the Santa Fe Railroad would construct a depot in Anaheim.  As the citrus demand grew, and the communities in the East wanted more oranges, the city prospered.  By 1920, the population was at 5,526.

Farmers were not the only ones that were settling in Anaheim.  There were many creative-minded settlers as well.  A schoolhouse and an opera theatre were the first major construction projects -- not offices, churches, or retail.

With the birth of a dream, Walt Disney´s amusement park opened its gates in 1955. Disneyland, and the recent opening of Disney´s California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney, have brought the City of Anaheim many luxuries and millions of tourists each year.  The Disneyland Resort is the largest employer in Orange County with over 21,000 employees.  Disney gives back to the community in many ways by funding academic programs and sports facilities, and in helping maintain the city streets and landscape.

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