About Placentia

We specialize in Placentia Real Estate and Placential homes for sale! As with most of the towns in this section of Orange County, Placentia real estate was part of a land grant from the Governor of Mexico to Juan Ontiveros. Later, Daniel Kraemer and William McFadden also purchased acreage here.  Mr. A.S. Bradford talked the Santa Fe Railroad into re-routing their track through the area to shorten the distance to Los Angeles. Placentia heritage festivalThis was a huge boast to the city. Today the town remembers Mr. Bradford with one of the main streets named for him. The land was ideal for citrus, walnuts, avocados and grapes. It soon became the first center and packing house for Valencia oranges which thrived during the early part of the 1900´s.

As the town grew from 5,000 residents in 1960 to a whopping 25,000 in 1970, Placentia homes, churches, excellent schools and retail drove the orange groves under. Among Orange County’s downtowns, Old Town Placentia is unique in its small scale and variety of land uses. Today, population groups of all types are looking for small scale, walkable urban centers around transit to live, work, and play. This is occurring in Orange County with new, more compact, and transit-oriented developments and historic reuse districts emerging in Anaheim, Orange, Fullerton, and Santa Ana. 

Placentia’s Old Town is located in the southern and western portions of the City, north of a section of BNSF railroad. The area consists of 33 acres and 147 parcels. There is a diverse mix of land uses, surrounded by residential neighborhoods to the west, east, and north. 

To take advantage of the upcoming Metrolink Station and Parking Structure, scheduled to begin construction in 2018, the Old Town Placentia Revitalization Plan builds on the core strength of this asset, our community and visitors to the area. Thus, the goal of the Old Town Revitalization Plan is to create a vibrant, safe and pedestrian friendly area that respects the community's historical and cultural diversity. This comprehensive Plan will incorporate well-designed private and public physical improvements and amenities. But for the most part, Placentia is home to quiet streets and tree-lined neighborhoods. 

Heritage Festival and Parade.  From high school marching bands to food booths and crafts, this event is most enjoyable for the entire family. You can find out more about the Heritage Festival by calling (714)993-8232.

Beginning in October and lasting until May is the El Dorado Theatre at the PYLUSD Performing Arts Center located at El Dorado High School . This is a 634 seat high school theatre featuring children's plays, dramas and musicals that was opened in 2019. The high school itself has many distinguished awards including the No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Award in 2006. You can find out more about the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District at their website. Another highly regarding High School in Placentia is Valencia High School which is rated as one of the top high schools and most challenging High Schools in the country. They have outstanding IB and Technical programs . You will be able to ask about which school your child would go to within the district. Placentia-Yorba linda school district incorporates no child left behindThey also show school events and programs throughout the district. PYLUSD has 18 schools designated as Distinguished Schools!

The city also has an annual 4th of July celebration at Bradford Stadium which includes a community softball game and fireworks at night. Also in the city of Placentia is a wonderful 8 acre lake fishing park. You can call and make covered picnic area reservations. In the summer there are Summer Concerts with a variety of musical styles to please all. You can find out more information by calling (714) 993-8232.

The main library for Placentia  is at 411 East Chapman Avenue and is home to some of the town´s history if the form of letters from the early settlers of the area. There are a great number of programs for children and adults. 

One of the leaders in employees in the city of Placentia is the Placentia-Linda Hospital The hospital offers Women´s Health, pain management assessment, and a variety of community and online services.