Anaheim  Short Sales


Below are the Anaheim short sales currently listed for sale.  It is possible to purchase a home under market value if you are willing to wait, as these sales are anything but quick.  You can get a great deal on an Anaheim home and save someone from the financial setback of foreclosure.  If you are a homeowner in need of a short sale, WE CAN HELP.

Anaheim Foreclosure Properties

Foreclosure is the nightmare of every homeowner, and it can happen to anyone. You could save someone the stress and financial problems resulting from foreclosure through buying their short sale home. Short sales are the best of both worlds for the distressed home sale - the former homeowner doesn't have a foreclosure on their record and you get a great Anaheim home for a very fair price.


For more information about Anaheim short sales or if you have any real estate questions, contact Tony Leocadio (714) 673-7363, your Realtor® of Anaheim.

Active Anaheim Short Sales, Short Pays, Pre-Foreclosures

Active Anaheim Short Sales, Short Pays, Pre-Foreclosures

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