May 2015

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 Top Tips for Pricing your Home 



 Ready to sell? Pricing your home is a tricky job these days. Too low and you miss out on funding your kid's college tuition or a down payment for the new home. Too high and your faith and optimism may start to waiver over a long wait period.

  Here are our tips that turn “For Sale” into “SOLD!” 


Step One: Get a ballpark estimate. Go online for a real estate calculator. Online estimates vary greatly, so make sure you get at least five prices then nix any that seem unusually high or low, and calculate the average of the rest. Don’t add on or take into account your beautiful views and your extensive kitchen remodel just yet, and simply move on to the next step.

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Six Simple To Do's Before You List Your Home


You want to move, but your home has that 'lived" in look of early-desperation and you don't want anyone to run away like they've seen a ghost! Here are a few tips to keep you and your real estate agent happy.

Find your papers!
Find all possible operating manuals for your appliances and HVAC system, paint chips of paint colors you've used, and any applicable warranties that are important to have on hand. They'll show the listing agent that you have things under control, even if feel like you don't. Get your old utility bills out, too. The seasonal totals may work for your selling point.

Get estimates!
The kind of estimate like how much it'll cost to replace the stuff in your home that's on its last

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