July 2015

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After much speculation, the Federal Reserve has said it expects to raise long-term interest rates before the year is out, and the move will have some financial impact on nearly every American. Still, depending on your financial situation, there are advantages and disadvantages to an interest rate hike.


As the Federal Reserve wraps up its latest two-day policy meeting Wednesday, the financial world will be searching for clues about the timing of the long-awaited hike on interest rates. The central bank has said that it expects the first hike before the end of 2015, and many think it could come as soon as the Fed's mid-September meeting.

The timing of the eventual hike is a hot topic among economy-watchers and big borrowers who have grown accustomed

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  • Neutral kitchen by Kraftmaid | Kitchen remodeling

    7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling

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The Southern California housing market, known for its dramatic swings, is settling into a more normal, healthy pattern.

 Marketing a luxury mansion through virtual reality

Home sales are up. All-cash and investor purchases are down. And home prices are rising at a more sustainable pace than in the last few years.

Economists said those factors put the regional housing market on a path for growth that won't wash away in a tsunami of foreclosures and ruined credit scores.

“The healing continues,” said Stuart Gabriel, director of UCLA's Ziman Center for Real Estate.

On Thursday, fresh evidence of that trend emerged in a report from CoreLogic. Home sales posted a sizable 18.1% pop in June from a year earlier, while the median price rose 5.7% from June 2014 to $442,000, the real estate data

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More than six months past New Year’s Eve, the champagne corks are still popping.

Home sales topped $11 billion in Orange County in the first half of this year – the most in a decade. The median sale price hit $629,500 in June, the highest since the housing market peaked in June 2007.

Rising employment and economic confidence, a tight supply of homes for sale and low mortgage interest rates have all fueled buyer demand.


Foreign investors have played a role, too, real estate agents say, especially where the most dramatic leaps in prices and sales occurred, in the priciest third of the market. There, the median home sale price shot up nearly 22 percent.

With equity rising, distressed sales are a distant memory, or, as housing analyst Steven

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Moving can be a stressful ordeal, and you’re expected to remember where you’ve packed all important items, organize and finalize plans with the movers, AND keep your sanity?! Moving day is not easy. But with these simple tips, you’ll be able to stay organized and keep your cool while making this experience simple and easy. 

1. Research your moving options. Whether you’re hiring movers or moving everything yourself, decide what your finances will allow. A moving company maybe too expensive, so before committing, established your budget. Organizing for the move will go much smoother once a plan of actions has been discussed.

2. Organization. The key to a successful moving day is organization. Filtering through the big to dos and not so big will help

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Whether it be a small cottage in the wood or a chic apartment in the city, we all dream of owning our own home. But planning for the purchase of a lifetime is a huge responsibility, and you want to be sure to take the right steps to making that dream a reality. If you're thinking about purchasing a home, consider these 4 tips to make your process smooth and simple. 

1. Work on your Credit

Having a strong credit history will make it easier when it comes time to getting a loan from the bank. Good, bad, or no credit, working toward the ideal credit score will help in your overall finances for years to come. If you want to get the best mortgage rates and low interest for your loan, your credit could be the deciding factor. Just be aware of your credit

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