Downtown Fullerton

In the last two decades of the 20th century there was an effort to restore the traditional "heart" of Fullerton- the downtown business district.  See Downtown Fullerton homes for sale.

Dowtown fullertonThis effort became known as "Fullerton 2000 and Beyond". The Fullerton Redevelopment Agency funded a commercial-building rehab and seismic-restructure program that would help to restore more than 70 historic buildings in downtown Fullerton. A vision statement and master plan were formulated, and the plans for a revitalized downtown was implimented. Downtown Fullerton experienced a "renaissance" of growth evidenced by the number of sidewalk cafes, specialty restaurants, unique shops, entertainment venues, and upscale apartments.

Downtown Fullerton offers a rustic old-town atmosphere with more than 70 historic buildings, beautiful shade trees, and decorative walkways. This provides a comfortable setting to gather with friends, enjoy music, and catch up on the latest news.

 Downtown fullerton.  fullerton homes for sale.Fullerton History - In the beginning of the 1880s, Southern California was the scene of a land grab sparked by the area's growing prosperity. When city founders George and Edward Amerige first came to the area, there were wild mustard fields, and little else.  The brothers saw the plentiful orchards and ranches that were in the surrounding towns of  Placentia and Anaheim, and envisioned the same thing for this area.  Then, they heard through the grapevine that George Fullerton, who worked for the railroads, was coming to the area to find land for the Railroad to go through.  The brothers were convinced that this California land would flourish if the Railroad came to town.  Convinced that the railroad was coming, they sold their other land holdings and their grain business in Massachusetts.  In 1887, they purchased 430 acres of land for $68,000 and began the successful development of the newest community in Orange County.   They decided to name the town after the gentleman that gave them the idea, George Fullerton.

Fullerton is home to no less then five colleges and universities with over 50,000 students: California State University Fullerton,  Hope International UniversityFullerton Community College, Western State University College of Law,  and Southern California College of Optometry.

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