Finding Your Orange County Home

Carefully choosing your community is the first step in "location, location, location".  When shopping for your next home, consider "pride of ownership" in the community, as well as the homes in that community.  Drive around and see how well the communities and the homes are maintained.  You want to find a city that demonstrates community pride as well

Be aware of the local school system and how the schools are rated.  This applies even if you do not have school-age children and do not intend to have children. That is because when you sell your home, many of the potential buyers will have concerns regarding the schools their children will attend.  People will pay a premium to be in a better school district, and the homes seem to keep their value more.

For property valuation, some people like to buy the smallest, or worst, home on the best street.  That is a good strategy.  I certainly would not recommend buying a home that has been over improved for the neighborhood.  For example, you do not want to buy a 3,000 sq. ft. home in an area where the homes are 1,500 sq. ft.  Or, you don't want to buy a  $900,000 house when all the homes around it are worth $600,000.  When looking for a home in a certain neighborhood, you actually want the surrounding homes to be fairly alike in style, size, and structure

It's best not to have your home back up to, or side to, a busy street.  That can cut the property value by 10%.  And, if you are buying a single family home, you do not want your home to be next to condominiums, apartments, businesses, schools, or even parks. 

It's best not to buy on a street that is used as a shortcut between two busy streets.  Also, corner lots tend to attract more street traffic and are not as safe for children.  
You want your home to be in the center of the neighborhood, neatly tucked away, or on a cul-de-sac.    Following these tips will help with the quiet enjoyment of your home as well as to help maximize your future resale value.