Preparing Your Home For Sale

Carole Eichen's Home Selling Tips
18 Ideas for Making Your Home More Desirable to a Buyer 

The famous interior designer, Carole Eichen, put together a list of things to do to put your home in top shape for viewings.   Simple things can make a world of difference.  Making the correct improvements, before selling your home, can leave more money in your pocket after the sale.  Contact my office when you're ready and I can give you other helpful tips.

Consider doing the following:

1. Arrange the furniture to allow for an easy traffic flow. Remove any unnecessary furniture that might clutter the room.

2. Box up all unnecessary household items that only take up space.

3. Coordinate all your colors. (e.g., pillows and accessories).

4. Add new window treatments (if necessary) that won´t obstruct views.  Make sure existing treatments are not worn out, faded, or frayed.

5. Keep all window treatments open, allowing the light to flow in.

6. Paint all walls a neutral color (e.g., white or almond).  Dunn Edwards: Swiss coffee or cottage white are good colors.

7. Paint baseboards a high gloss white.  Atlas is a good brand. 

8. Paint all handrails and caps a light/neutral color.

9. Refinish or paint cabinets to a light finish.  White high gloss is in.

10. Flooring should be a light color and without too much pattern.

11. Re-grout, if necessary, floors and countertops where hard surface has been soiled.

12. Add new carpet if necessary.  A neutral color is always better.

13. Wallpaper over old and outdated existing papers.  Keep patterns minimal and colors light.  Perhaps just a border is needed.  A heavier paper such as grasscloth can be used over old paper and textured surfaces without having to use any blank stock paper.  Existing grasscloth can be painted at a low cost.

14. Paint neutral color on dark paneled walls.

15. Update all light fixtures in dining room and hallways if necessary.

16. Have at least three light sources per room, and leave lights on when showing your home

17. If you have a music system, leave it on softly in all rooms.  If not, place individual radios in places where not visible through the house.  Make sure the volume is always soft.

18. Keep fireplaces turned on in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer when showing your home.